Color of Travertine

Finding the right color of travertine or any stone can be a daunting process due to the range of color gradients and industry names that frequently change based on the distributor, but with knowledge of what to look for in your next stone can help eliminate the unnecessary stress.

It may have taken weeks and many searches online, but when you finally decided to make the commitment to buy the “Alaskan Silver” color of travertine pavers for your outdoor project and your distributor only had “Silver” or “Shell Stone”, you felt a sting of frustration – a problem we hear too often from our clients. The good news is, despite the myriad of hues and their given names, a lot of names are decided by the distributor, even though the patterns or stones may be the same.  Finding the right material for your next project is extremely important, but color can help express individual tastes, preferences, and really set your project apart from others.  The color of travertine is made naturally and cannot be manufactured or replicated, which is why each groove and color in a travertine tile or paver is truly unique.

How Travertine Gets its Color

Travertine is a form of pure calcium carbonate and releases carbon dioxide once its heated, which is why its commonly found in warmer regions where there are a lot of precipitation, or in colder climates where there is a presence of hot springs. Travertine gets it color naturally once it’s exposed to extreme temperatures.

Color of Travertine

Travertine becomes white, red, yellow, orange, and brown once the carbonate material aragonite is activated through extremely warm temperatures and precipitation. Travertine gets the gray, white, and yellow, and sometimes green color from calcite, which is released in cooler temperatures where hot springs occur.

Due to the formation of travertine, all of the tiles and pavers come in pre-assigned patterns. Travertine is arranged based on the size of the pieces and are put together in a consistent way so that your project looks natural. You won’t have to worry about piecing together each tile, paver, or mosaic – that is already determined and it is guaranteed to match.

Helpful Tips

In order to avoid backing out on your design because you can’t find the pattern with the exact name, here are some tips to help you navigate the warehouses or online travertine stores.  Next time you are trying to find the perfect color for your project, avoid looking at names and focus on the patterns or colors that make your project pop. Take pictures or get samples of the travertine you like, so you can keep in mind what you’re looking for. Consult a professional at Texas Travertine so that we can help closely match, if not get the exact color you want.  Remember not to get frustrated if you can’t find travertine matching with the same name, usually the names range even though the travertine is the same! Visit Texas Travertine so we can help find a match that’s right for you.