French Pattern, Versailles, or Ashlar?

Trying to decide on French pattern, Versailles, or Ashlar travertine tiles and pavers – well, the choice may be easier than you think.

 If you’ve been scouring the stone market in search for the perfect travertine tile or paver but can’t decide on a particular pattern you like, the choice may be easier than you think. Although the names are different, French, Versailles, and Ashlar pattern are all pre-assigned patterns of travertine with the same dimensions, size, and layout.

Travertine Patterns

These patterns are compromised of a 12-piece set that covers an area of 16 sq. ft. The patterns are pre-assigned with a combination of four pieces of 8” × 8” and 16” × 16” and two pieces of 8” × 16” and 16” × 24”. Patterns are distinguished by colors gradients. Despite the name difference, there is little difference in the pattern. For instance, the name “French pattern” is mainly used in the South, especially in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida. In the east coast, the term “Ashlar pattern” is coined to represent this combination of travertine. West coast distributors have opted out of using Ashlar or French and call it “Versailles pattern”.

Travertine Naming

In the stone market, distributors and sellers are notorious for not naming things uniformly across the industry. This is why you may have a “coffee” colored travertine paver you like in French pattern but another distributor may have a “cappuccino” colored paver in Ashlar pattern – despite them being exactly the same.  It’s important not to be swayed by the names of the travertine pavers and tiles and focus on the color and pattern you want instead. You may start to feel frustrated when you reference “mocha” pavers in Versailles pattern and the seller you’ve chosen doesn’t have it, although they may but with an entirely different name.

Tips: Focus on colors and patterns, not so much on names. If you attend stone outlets or markets, take pictures of the color you like or specific styles so that you can show the seller later without confusion. Don’t get frustrated if you’re not finding exactly what you want, chances are that they have what you’re looking for.

At Texas Travertine all of our products come in a French pattern or in 6×6, 6×12, 12×12, or 12×24, 16×16, 16×24, 24×24 size pieces. Review our product listing to find the color and style you want. Feel free to send us an email or call about any inquiries you may have.