How Texas Travertine gets Turkish Travertine directly to Customers

Dug from large quarries in Turkey, shipped to the United States on a cargo ship, driven to our warehouse for distribution, then delivered across the country (well, depending on your location) by truck to you – stone distributors in the United States don’t have travertine on hand and it travels a long way to arrive at your doorstep. Here’s how we get travertine directly to your location, so you can get started on your project right away.


Our Direct Travertine Source

Wondering where Texas Travertine gets its high quality travertine that comes in an assortment of colors and is found in very few places in the United States? At Texas Travertine we are the single largest producer of travertine in the United States and with 13 of our own quarries in Denizli, Turkey we don’t require a middleman, unlike other distribution companies.

Texas Travertine only sells Turkish travertine because compared to other places in the world, such as Peru, Mexico, and Italy – Turkish travertine is more abundant, dense, the highest quality, and has the most expansive range of colors in the world.
Travertine is located underground and is dug from one of our 13 quarries and then delivered to our 3 factories for distribution within the United States. Travertine has to travel a long way to get to you because there is a very small amount of domestic travertine and it is not as dense, which is less ideal for building or a remodel.

Turkish Travertine availability

As the only one of the five sellers in the United States, we want it to be easy for you to get high quality travertine at a low price and with no minimum or maximum amount you are required to buy, so that your project turns out perfect.

We get a shipment of Turkish travertine delivered to our warehouse in Houston, Texas once daily. We don’t waste time once the travertine is dug from our quarries. It is briefly stored in our factory and then shipped directly in a cargo container to the Port of Houston.

You shouldn’t be required to wait months to get started on your project, which is why we have a significant amount of travertine stored in our warehouse. All of our travertine is ready for delivery as soon as you want with no limits on how little or how much you can buy. Bulk orders do require some wait time, which is as little as six weeks; custom orders are about 10-12 weeks.

With our roots in Turkey, we continue to maintain a strong relationship with our factories and quarries there so we can continue to keep prices low and the quality high.