Premium Vs. Commercial Travertine

Premium Travertine

Premium Travertine grade is most usually deciphered based on the holes within the stone. These holes / pockets are part of the stone criteria and nature. Typically within the Travertine industry the fewer holes present in the stone, the higher the quality. Travertine Pavers with few holes is considered to be premium grade quality (or A Grade) while more porous stone containing more holes is considered to be commercial quality. Pricing differences apply based on this principle, while considering a few other factors in as well.

Also worth noting is that there are Travertine Tiles that come with a honed and filled finish. Filled travertine finish refers to the process of filling the holes. The filling is a solid color throughout the stone and can be seen quite easily. In these instances the differences between premium grade and commercial grade lies in the amount of filling used to fill the stone surfaces. This being said, a filled and honed travertine tile is considered of lower quality if it contains more filling than another stone.

Premium Travertine

What is the contrast between premium review travertine, business review or A review?

The review of premium travertine is more often than not decided in light of the gaps inside the stone. Gaps inside Travertine stone are a piece of the stones nature and criteria. Inside the travertine business today, the manage of the thumb is …the less openings there are inside travertine stone, the higher the quality. Travertine pavers with scarcely any gaps in it are viewed as A Grade or learly value contrasts apply. Additionally remember that there are Travertine tiles which accompany a sharpened and filled wrap up. A filled travertine complete demonstrates that the openings were filled. Since the filling is dependably a similar shading all through the tile it is genuinely simple to distinguish the filling. In these cases, the distinction between Premium Grade and Commercial review lies in the measure of filling utilized. A sharpened and filled travertine tile with a mess of filling is considered of lower quality contrasted with a tile with insignificant filling.